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Web Design

An effective website is fast loading, mobile-friendly, and most importantly reflects the caliber of your business, creating consumer confidence in your brand.

Business Listings

We get your business in front of more customers by creating and maintaining accurate listings on all relevant business directories, apps, maps, and GPS.

Search Engine

This is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines show it in the top of the search results for relevant searches.

"SEODaddy is a company you can truly put your faith in. And the wisdom of it's owner can turn any dream into a reality. I know that he's truly helped me on my journey. May he do the same for you!"

Mario J. CEO, TalentScan LLC

TalentScan LLC is a software solution for smart film industry professionals. Heightened efficiency in payroll, administration, and talent management. Revolutionizing the industry one film at a time.

How are we different?

Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

Better Business Bureau

We are extremely proud of our A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau. The BBB rates more than 5 million businesses, and the A+ is their very highest rating. Companies are judged on multiple trust factors and must score over 97 out of 100 to be awarded their highest grade.

We're in the United States

We are based in Sacramento, California. This means that you won’t have challenges with communication, time-differences, or accountability. We also pride ourselves on a more personal approach, so that when you’re working with us, you will never feel like “just another number”.

Absolute Dedication

We’re passionate about what we do, and it shows. Feel free to reach out to chat about websites, search engine optimization, or any business topic. We are happy to give great advice with no catch. You don’t even have to use our services, we’re just happy to be of service.

"SEODaddy is my secret weapon. The owner is extremely knowledgeable, a true expert. I simply cannot recommend SEODaddy highly enough."

Jordan R. Agency Owner

SEODaddy provides services to other marketing agencies, helping them to deliver excellent results for their clients.

Why Choose Us?


We want to make a positive impact in the world. This is our true motivation. By helping you, we help the world.


Our management has over 10 years of experience in website development and search engine optimization, and has excellent partnerships established over many years in the industry.


Our "moat" is our long-term competitive advantage. It's what will ensure that we will still be around 10 years down the line. Our passion keeps us doing what we do, and our expertise keeps our customers coming back for more.


We've been doing this for well over a decade, and have achieved the Better Business Bureau's top A+ rating. Additionally we are so good at what we do, that we help other agencies deliver results for their clients.

"Nick, SEODaddy's Founder, was an asset to our organization during his time with us. Nick would be an excellent asset to any company and has my recommendation."

Andy L. CTO, Babble Cloud LTD

Babble Cloud LTD is one of the largest independent cloud companies in Europe, also providing unified communications services in the United Kingdom.

Three Case Studies

Local Gym

Working with our local gym, we redesigned their website with the goal of increasing the amount of people signing up for their 7-day free trial.

As a direct result of our implementing good conversion principals to their website design, they saw a 20 times increase in signups.

Blog Network

Search Engine Optimization yielded 513,105 visitors from organic search engine traffic, this was an increase of over 300% from the previous year. An added benefit from the SEO work was that the visitors were more relevant than the previous year, and so conversions went up from 2.5% to 9.45%. End result: Extremely happy blog owners.

Digital Product

Customer had priorly invested time and effort into their website and had seen almost zero response in terms of traffic or conversion. They were patient with our SEO campaigns and the results spoke for themselves. They made 200 times more income in the 6 months with us, than they did in the 6 months prior.

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